Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Queens Birthday

I am going backpacking to wilingtin. We are driving to pictine and woiking on the ferye.Wene we get to wilingtin we will cach a bus to a plas that has a pating on it.It is quit fams.


wen I went to the wavpool the wavs splashed at me it was caled after that I went in the spar pool it was hot in ther nexst I went in to the lizy riva it went fast like a racing care and then I went home to play gams the game was caled ches.

By Luke H with help from Arjuna

dad's birthday

For my dads birthday my family are going to see High school musicl on Ice it is going to be very very fun!!!!!!


My teacher is good at teaching room nine. The teacher's name is Rachel and Emma.

Going for a walk.

My Mum and I are going for a walk. I am going to see lots of stuff.I am going to walk to the diary. I am going to by some lollies.

q uweens Birthday

In the qweens birthday me and beau are going to wellinten.

Qeens Birthday.

On Qeens birthdy weeken. I am going to the Nelson BMX track. I am going to do it for two days. It is going to be fun.

Monday,s fire

On monday there was a fire we rusht to are fire endgin,s we had to be fast the fire was at king st it was bad. I went in to the fire one person dide in the fire. Are fire engin is red. we live in Amirac . we savd the people just in time.

e live in

The litte pigs

once a pon a time there was three litte pigs. There the first pig built a house out of straw. The next pig made it out of sticks. The two pigs ran over to the ather pigs house and the wife came the threre pigs poot a pot nere the fire plas the wife went in it he bint his cafe

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Aomsom Atwhiy Aitivatis.

One morning my mum raing up Aomsom Atwhiy Aitivatis she said could Siggi go to Aomsom Atwhiy Aitivatis they said yes Siggi can go I was so exsittid I could hadly breth.When my mum hang up I said what will we be doing there .


In the holidays I got a origame book from the liebiere. It has some hard things in it. There is a zebra, graffe and lots of ather things. You need sqeis of paper for most of them.


On my birthday I got fiary colring book and a mobiel fairy. My grandma gave me a writing book.So I can writ my oni sorys in my book.