Wednesday, 10 September 2008

How to make a book

you will need
10 pecies of paper

1. get the paper stapel on the left hand side. 2.write the

A Story About Fish.................

The Sealord factory Freezer trawler goes out to sea and caches fish

NZs Exports

Fish gets to different Countrys. The ships go Out To Sea And Cach Fish


we are lerning abunt expoting fish .You can expoting on a boat ,eraplanes a tran .we no lots about expoting.


The ships go out to sea to catch fish. Then they chop the fish and get the bad things out.Then they put the fish in the freezer and go to a different country.Then they put the fish in the supermarket.


How to make rainbow writing
You will need:
2 sheets of A4 peaces of paper
A sharp pencil/pen
oil pastels
1.Make the peace of paper all rainbow by using the oil pastels. 2.put the rainbow sheet of paper on top of the blank sheet of paper. 3.Write on the rainbow peace of paper.
4.Take the sheet of
paper off and you will have rainbow writing

How to make cake

what you need egg.Bowl.Shoger. cup.flower.Buter.iceing

How sealord catches the fish.

First the Factory Freezer Trawles sail out to sea to catch the fish. Then they put some nets.


Fish get caught in a net.
A big net catches all the fish.
Fish get choped up.
the Sedlord ship


The Factory freezer trawler goes out to sea and catchs the fish then the fish gets pulled up a ramp. Then the fish get choped up.



Fish live in the water.
Hoki is a fish
fish get choped
fish have sharp teeth