Friday, 27 June 2008

Grandmas big day out.

Faild fiarl house,.
Its got a big tower,big and its very beautiful.Our Grandma would like to go
there because its a hasterry houuse , its very very nice and peasful.

Queen's Garden

Queens' garden. Grandma would go there because it is a garden ,it is fun ,and it is bueatafull.

Fairfield house

I think Grandma would like to go to the cool,awsome and fun Fairfield house because she might like to have breakfast,look out at a view and it's beautuf. It is old.

Fairfield Park

Fairfield Park is fun, big, and it's qiute. Grandma would like to go there becouse she could picnic there.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Our Trip...

On the 24th of June Room 9 , Rachal and some off the other childrens' parents walked to Fairfeld park ,Fairfeld house ,Melrose house ,and The Suter Art Gallery.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fairfield House

She would like to go there because she can have picknics and it is quiet ,it 's got a nice big tower.

Our taep

On the 24 every one went to 4 taep on the sleep day. I class Failfai1park.I friend it had a really and a park.I class Suter art gallery it had a last and ther


On the 24th ov june Room9 and Rathla and the perns FairField park we went here because it...

Monday, 23 June 2008

Room 9's big day owt.

On Tuesday '24th room 9 is having a big day owt.That arfternoon we are going to the soter and
in the moning we are going to ferfeold house,ferfeold paurk,mowros house.My mum is couming
that arfternoon.I thingck that it wood be exulint.

Take my spesil visuter

I would take my spesil visuter to furdis park becouse there is a cafe, plan and a park to play in you can eat at the cafe.

In the weekend

On Saturday I played A game of Soccer we One 7 1.on Sunday my brother and I got A lunch box and I got A toy gan.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The rainbow magic fairys are haveing a fairy ball


Did you now that fairys do igsist.

Room nine

Room 9 deo a all of croos mkl. Room 9 his onm thae hit the mai the thae nas is

old fashioned clothing

i liv in a caso i sub fos.

Origami book

Iv made a origami book. Mum got me a sort of book for the pages to go in.

The Three little pigs

Once there was a Wolf that liked blowing down houses.a pig bilt a house but a Wolf blow it down so he bilt another house the Wolf came but he did not bow it down.

The three little kittens

Once upon a time there were three little kittens. The kittens names were Joe,Neptune and Kit. They were playing with their wool balls. Then it was the kittens dinner time they had fish and mice.Then they went to play mice catch. Kit won the whole game. Then it was bed time at 7 o'clock.


Never... Pounce on a blue bird and Shout at a red clown and wear a pupet to breakfust.


Never... pounce on a blue bag never... shout at your whit bear and never wear a blue kit.


Never pounce on a new dog. Shout at a brown bear. Wear a old blue book fish. Swim in a red name.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I would take the special visitor to Riverside. It is nealy as long as a roller coaster. It is splashy,beatuful and long.I think the special visitor would like it because she likes walks.


I would take the visitor to pnnes grad because it is so puiet we can have a picnics at pnnes grad it is beautiful bat it is some time it is cood.